Why was it originally called Northgate and not Bridgnorth Swimming Club?             

Because years ago there was club of that name in Bridgnorth based at an outdoor pool at nearby Oldbury Wells. This club closed and a few years later, when Bridgnorth Leisure Centre was being built in 1977, a new club was launched. The club was not allowed by the ASA to swim under the name of Bridgnorth Swimming Club, due to the previous club, so Northgate Swimming Club was proposed and agreed. For those of you reading this from outside of the Bridgnorth area, Northgate is the area where the Bridgnorth pool is located. It is near the Northgate of our old market town.

In 2011 a new school was built in nearby Much Wenlock to replace the old William Brookes school. This new school also came with a new pool and so Northgate Swimming Club expanded to bring competitive swimming to this fantastic new facility. The club is now therefore based in both towns.

Swimming Pool at Bridgnorth

Swimming session at Bridgnorth Leisure Centre

Swimming Pool at Much Wenlock

The 6 lane pool at Much Wenlock Leisure Centre, built in 2010